Morning Mantra

Starting your a.m. with a go-to phrase can have a positive effect on the rest of your day—even if you’re not a morning person!

It helps you redirect your mind to something more positive and energizing. Experts also say that starting your day with a few quiet moments, when you’re fully disconnected, is important for your health and productivity.

Research shows people who silently repeat a word or phrase lower their levels of anger, stress, and anxiety. Mantras also help you focus on what you want to create for that day and you can take a few minutes to return to your morning mantra when you need it any time of the day. Think of it as the wellness boost that keeps on giving. 

When you take time to awaken your highest self every morning and allow that consciousness to drive your decision, actions, and conversation then you’ll likely feel more on top of your day.

Do you have a morning mantra?

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