Buy Local

Fall is here and that means it's apple and squash season! We can smell the apple pies and pumpkin spice everywhere!

While it may not be practical to eat seasonally all of the time, by being more aware of what is in-season – you can save more money and enjoy food with more flavour and nutritional value!

When we buy produce that is out of season, it will be sourced from locations with a different climate than your local. Production costs including transportation, refrigeration and storage of the produce are inevitably passed onto the consumer.

When produce is sourced internationally – it’s harvested earlier, refrigerated and sometimes heated in hot houses to artificially ripen the produce. All these factors will lead to a reduction in flavour and nutrient quality.

When produce is sourced locally, it doesn’t endure as much travel and it is usually ripened and harvested at the peak of freshness.

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